Cue the classic western movie music….
The soft whistle..
The camera pans up to a single horseman riding into the sunset…
He stops to light a short and finely aged Connecticut shade wrapped cigar with a fine Dominican filler.

Off in the distance a lone wolf howls…

Yeah, that’s how it would be if we had a Hollywood budget. But, we don’t.

Next week, we release the third, in our line of cigars. “The Gunslinger”.

Stay Tuned.

Yeah, we’re here to stay!

By now, you’ve figured out that we aren’t going anywhere.  We’re not some fly-by-night company.  We are looking forward to making your weekends filled with a pleasurable smoke.

We’ve got our two main blends with more on the way.

Pretty soon, we’re going to have ourselves our own Habana-type blend.  It kind of feels like we’re on the right track with these.  Just sayin’.

Not gonna lie, we’re excited.  And you should be, too.  With everything going on, we’re gaining traction – and having a blast doing it.

We’ve done our give aways in exchange for your testimonials, and you did NOT disappoint.  You really came through for us.  We couldn’t have asked for more – and we appreciate you.  And most importantly, we hope you will continue with us on our journey.  We want you there, every step of the way.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more upcoming happenings, events, product releases, and more.


Thank you for tuning in, and stay well.