The Search For Quality

Starting in 2021, the search begins


For the longest time, Mark Bogner was in search of a great smoke.  Something that he and his friends could enjoy together.  Upon searching and almost giving up, Mark was able to find a great combination of earthy flavors that, when combined made for a very refined smoke.

Teaming up with trusted friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts, Mark began the search to have his own brand.  Mark even started blending and rolling his own by hand.  Sadly, that didn’t really go anywhere.  Finally, Mark tried one last ditch effort to find the best manufacturer available.


Mark bogner

owner and cigar enthusiast

And just like that, his search was over.  Finding a great manufacturer that had just the right blends of tobacco available, including well a aged broad leaf, Mark took the huge plunge into the cigar world with his two debut blends.

Now, marketing to all the local cigar and tobacco shops in and outside of Cleveland, Ohio – Mark is hoping to find his niche in the local cigar scene.  He’s always been in support of buy and support local.  And if he can help just one of those small businesses, then it’s all been worth it.